About Us

Welcome to OobaKool - your store for the Cool & Collected.
What We Do / OobaKool
We sell vintage retro toys, funky gadgets, cool collectibles, film & music autographs and memorabilia, custom comic & pop art prints, posters and T-Shirts as well as a range of fun, cheeky and sometimes naughty novelty items.
Who We Are / OobaKool
Founded and operated by lifelong friends with the passion, commitment, attitude and mad skills that would give Han and Chewie's best Kessel Run a smackdown... not to mention lifespans that originate back to the first time Darth Vader hit the big screen and Obi Wan was our only hope! We are the droids you're looking for and have been delivering OobaKool bounty from across the galaxy to our rebel scum fans and collectors in South Africa and the outer parts of the planet since September 2011.
Our Merchandise / OobaKool
Looking to buy something unique, rare and super cool? All of our products are a combination of limited stock and/or limited edition, one-of-a-kind and/or custom made, collectible and/or hard to come by and ultimately OobaKool. We are the go-to choice for collectors and fans of Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Lego compatible custom minifigures, autographed memorabilia & custom made-to-order merchandise. We are also proud to be an official dealer for The Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino to South Africa.
Our Platforms / OobaKool
Join us on all of our platforms for the full OobaKool experience:
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Rest assured we do not spam nor overly promote ourselves - we're just cool that way.
Our Promise / OobaKool
Our track record of stellar client satisfaction represents our promise to sell you OobaKool products at OobaKool prices delivered in OobaKool time with OobaKool client support… WHEW! Think you can handle that? Then what are you waiting for?!
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